Screenshot do app Facer Watch Faces

With the Facer app, you use the photos on your Instagram timeline as the Apple Watch face

Do you have one Apple Watch and those who quickly get sick of the image used in the “Photo” and / or “photo album” display? How about an easy and automatic way to have photos from your Instagram timeline and other networks being used as the watch face? Because this is the idea of Facer.

Facer Watch Faces app icon

Facer, the leading custom dial platform, is finally available for the Apple Watch! Personalize your Display with the most elegant and chic images available. See a different dial each time you turn your wrist! Choose a live theme or channel for a steady stream of new images. Partners include Instagram, Tumblr, Unsplash, Superfamous, Gratisography, Vecteezy, NASA and more. New themes and live streams are added weekly.

You can also browse the Apple Watch image collections through the official Fader website. In addition to synchronizing the app with your favorite social network, you have access to exclusive images that are available there (from Garfield, Popeye, Betty Boop and more). If you enjoy creating your own images, you can share your Dials through the service through this page.

The bad part is that, in these Image Displays, the Apple Watch is quite limited and does not let you put any complications on the screen (just the time and date, really).