Screenshot do app BitCam

With the BitCam app, you take pictures with the best resolution… from 1996!

Today we are going to introduce you to something amazing that will make you gape! The “application store” has arrived, the innovator BitCam. It allows you to take photos at incredible resolutions to make your friends jealous. Show that you are the most revolutionary person in 1996 and download this app that looks wonderful on your “Pocket mini computer”!

BitCam app icon

Of course, the introduction was a joke to get you in the mood. Do you know that feeling of messing with the first Macintosh? Well, I don't know, but it seems that the people at The Iconfactory want to take us back in time to experience a little of that feeling when making BitCam available. The application is a kind of “retro camera” for taking “retro” photos. No exaggeration: everything has a very old look, exactly to demonstrate the experience of a Macintosh.

There are three filters: the "Standard" (standard); O "FatBits" (which makes the pixels quite large) and the "Super-Res" (in which the "pixels are so small that you can barely see them", #sqn). In addition to the normal size of a photo, there is the option “Instaphoto size” to make it square, like an Instagram photo. For US $ 2 it is also possible to “install colored graphics”. There are few options, but the entire interface and terms used are so 1996 that the transitions resemble Ma's first operating system.

To give you a sense of the care of the creators, to have a dignified nostalgic experience, their entire website is in this retro model, with an update date of June 9, 1996, a link to “Application store” (which leads to the App Store) and even a GIF showing that the site is still under construction, with the words “under construction: please stay with us until we figure out how to program this web site. it is almost as difficult as creating an application for the new pocket mini computer! We promise to get well over time. 😝

You can download the app for free on the App Store and buy the colorful graphics for $ 2 inside the app. 😉 Enjoy and also take the VHS Camcorder to complete the package.

(via MacStories)