With the arrival of the new Airs, Apple discontinues white MacBooks [atualizado]

First of all, a minute of silence, please:

White MacBooks




Okay, really: as we commented in our post about the new MacBooks Air, Apple today definitively discontinued white plastic / polycarbonate MacBooks.

The machine can no longer be found in Apple Online Stores worldwide or in Brazil, of course, and can only be purchased through resellers (including Apple Premium Resellers and Apple shops) that still have units in stock. I imagine (and we hope) that prices will drop, so that the remaining inventory will be emptied more quickly.

The first white MacBook was originally launched in May 2006 and came to replace the old 12 and 14 inch G4 iBooks. Since 11-inch Airs cost the same $ 1,000 in the United States as the old white guy and are far more advanced, Apple probably decided to promote him to the entry-level laptop.

We will have to agree that their look no longer matched that of the rest of the current line of Macs. They were either totally renovated, or discontinued. RIP.


And it looks like he's not dead for good, yet: the MC516 model of the white MacBook is still available, but only for academic institutions going for $ 900 l in the United States.

Good way to detonate the remaining stocks.

(via MacRumors)