With the App Store alone, Netflix earned $ 790 million in 2018

The end of the year is coming and, with it, all the lists reminding and / or quantifying the performance of Apple and its products in the most different areas. O Business insider did just that with a complete survey of the applications that generated the most recipe at App store in 2018 and the results are staggering.

Not surprisingly, the one who made the most money from the App Store (and generated money for Apple in the process) in 2018 was the subscription-based apps. Our old friend Netflix was the skyrocketing champion of the year, earning a revenue of almost $ 800 million s with Ma's app store and look at the share of users of the platform that subscribes to it on iOS is not the largest.

A new presence on list a of YouTube, which in 2018 began to offer its paid services YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium; That within a few months the Google platform has climbed to the top of the App Store's most profitable apps is a testament to how the Mountain View giant's strategy worked out.

Apart from other old acquaintances like the Tinder it's the Pandora, the list has a very strong presence of services Chinese This only demonstrates the power of the consumer market in the Wall and gives a good example of why Apple is so keen to maintain good business relations with Beijing.

Here are the top ten most profitable apps from the App Store in 2018:

  1. Netflix – $ 790.2 million
  2. Tencent Video – $ 490 million
  3. Tinder – $ 462.2 million
  4. iQiyi – $ 420.5 million
  5. Kwai – $ 264.5 million
  6. YouTube – $ 244.2 million
  7. Pandora – $ 225.7 million
  8. Youku – $ 192.9 million
  9. QQ – $ 159.7 million
  10. Hulu – $ 132.6 million

Who would have thought that little shop would come this far

via 9to5Mac