With ReadyMag you don't need to be a “master” of programming to create websites

With ReadyMag you don't need to be a “master” of programming to create websites

Gone are the days when it was necessary to be a master of programming to create a website with elaborate and dynamic designs. Even if you are a complete beginner, there are currently several online tools that can help you develop your own website and ReadyMag is one of them.

ReadyMag presents some similarities with platforms such as Squarespace or Wix, offering a series of features that allow the construction of a custom website. However, the great focus of the tool even in the aesthetic aspect, being especially directed to those who aspire to have a page with a visually pleasing style.

In ReadyMag the user can unleash his creativity in several projects, from online magazines to portfolios, through corporate websites. But, by chance, if you feel a little lost when developing your page and don't know where to start, the platform also offers an extensive list of tutorials and even a YouTube channel with step-by-step guides to guide you through the entire creative process.

Users who want to learn even more about the fundamentals of design can also visit ReadyMag's Design Almanac. They will be able to learn, for example, to harmoniously combine different types of letters or to dominate chaos through the use of grids.

At ReadyMag you can create websites for free, but if you really want to take your task seriously, you can join one of the various paid plans, which can range from 16 euros to 64 euros per month, depending on the user's needs.