With InSpy, you “spy” on everything your Instagram contacts are doing

Assiduous Instagram users should know that it doesn’t offer a very good way to keep track of what our contacts are doing in terms of interaction. There is the "Following" tab inside "Activity", but it is very short and has a low limit for scrolling (right now I only got to see things from the last hour).

But it's nothing that developers can't solve.

Sorry, app not found.

What if you could see what your friends are saying and enjoying on Instagram? InSpy the app that allows you to spy on your contacts!

To use the InSpy, you need to log into Instagram and then select five friends to “spy” first. Without paying anything, you can view up to five interactions per day for each person you follow. If you want to track absolutely everything, you need to make an internal purchase of $ 1 / person and you can still set up instant notifications, if you want.

For the price, it's certainly not an app you can use to closely follow everyone you follow on Instagram (unless you have a profile of stalker lunatic). But to follow one contact or another more closely, it's worth it.

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