With #Homescreen, you share your iPhone's home screen and discover new apps

With #Homescreen, you share your iPhone's home screen and discover new apps

Anyone with a good memory will remember Homescreen.me, a project that was born in 2010, finally aired in 2012 but ended up being forgotten since then. Now, Betaworks Studio came to cover this hole with the #Homescreen and more neatly, with an app for iPhones / iPods touch.

Sorry, app not found.

The idea of ​​#Homescreen to facilitate sharing screenshots of Home Screen of iPhones / iPods touch between users via Twitter, and the thing is really simple: open the app, take a screenshot of your Home screen, go back to the app and let it perform the process automatically by simply authorizing access to your photos and your account from Twitter.

See how was my post:

To check the screenshot of any user of #Homescreen, just access your homescreen.is/username-no-Twitter URL, that is, mine is here. Detail: hovering the mouse over the icons, you can know the percentage of app appearances on other Home screens and see other users who also use the same app. Very very cool!

Another interesting page generated by #Homescreen is here, where we can check the most popular apps detected by him in screenshots of users from all over the world. At the time of publication of this article, the order of the first five Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

Have you shared yours?

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