Data Center da Apple, em Maiden

With future data center opening in Denmark, Apple announces partnership with university to study sustainable energy

Just over a year and a half ago, Apple announced the construction of data centers in Ireland and Denmark for the operation of all its online services including Apple Music, Maps, iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage and Siri on the European continent. While the Irish project has had its share of problems, there in Scandinavia things have proceeded in a very pleasant low sea, as reported today by the Danish newspaper The Copenhagen Post.

Apple Data Center in Maiden

Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen classified Apple's investment of DKK 6.3 billion (approximately R $ 3 billion) as the “largest foreign investment in Denmark's history”. According to the publication, the data center Apple will be ready in 2017 and will be located in the village of Foulum, in central Jutland (northern Denmark).

As previously announced, all operations on this huge server complex will run on 100% renewable energy. To deepen and expand its commitment to the environment, Apple has also entered into a partnership with the University of Aarhus, which is next to the data center; with this, the company will offer financial support to the institution's research dedicated to the development of new ways of obtaining energy from biogas and agriculture in general.

With these new actions, Apple is getting closer to its ambitious goal of running 100% of its global operations with renewable energy, a commitment that was repeated in the past month by the company itself, and which should be followed by everyone.

(via Patently Apple)