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With Fever Notes, you can control your children's fever directly on the iPhone / iPod touch

There is nothing more distressing for parents than seeing their children sick. Fever is always a strong indication that “something is not right”, so it is important to monitor it closely.

The developer Alexandre Fabri, who has three children, decided to create an app for this and, when ready, realized that it could be useful for the general public. It arrived today App Store and is called Fever Notes.

Fever Notes app icon

The app was very cute and easy to use. You register all your children and you can quickly insert a new record, with the child's temperature and some useful extra information marked on icons.

With the floor, the developer:

Hi! My name Alex and I have 3 young children.

Taking care of them is a fantastic experience but it is not easy, especially when they get sick and need all your attention.

My wife and I together took care of them, measuring the fever, taking the doctor, giving medicine and we thought it would be easier if we had an app to help us. We tried a few but ended up using them, because in the end these apps weren't really helping. We still needed to inform each other about the progress of the fever when only one of us was taking care.

That's why we decided to make this app but with an advantage that would make a difference: share. Now I can follow the progress of my children's fever when I'm at work or away from home and I no longer need to be calling or texting my wife and vice versa.

We spent more than a year working on this app to make it the best and we hope it will help other parents to track their children's fever progress.

We hope you like it!

Fever Notes is already in Portuguese and English, and will soon gain support for Japanese.

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