Apple and other multinationals will pay more taxes with global reform proposal

With € 119 billion in sales, Apple is the largest company in… Ireland?

Apple is a California-based company that produces much of its products through partners in Asia, especially in China. Still, because of some ingenious maneuvering, Ma is by far the largest company in a country that has nothing to do with it: Ireland.

The irish newspaper Irish times recently published its list of the country's top 1,000 companies and, as brought by the Business world, put Apple in a first place with a revenue of 119 billion (about $ 572 billion) in 2018 to get an idea, the second place, the Google, generated 32 billion revenue in the country over the year. THE CRH, ranked third, the largest native / Irish survey company.

As strange as it may seem to anyone not particularly familiar with Apple's business, Apple's dominance on the European island is easily explained: Ireland was one of the first countries where the company established international presence, opening offices in the city of Cork in 1980 only four. years after his own foundation.

Today Apple's presence in Ireland is gigantic, with countless offices, thousands of employees and the only fully owned factory in the world from which iMac custom-made units come to consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

More than that: Because of the vast tax benefits provided by the Irish government over the decades (which have already caused its share of problems, by the way), Apple has set up a complex financial structure that makes all the money generated by the company outside the United States. be received in Ireland which explains Ma's astronomical recipe in the country.

It is curious to note that, even with this almost domineering presence, Apple still does not even have an official store in Irish territory either in Cork, in the capital Dublin, or anywhere else on the island. 😕

via AppleInsider