With Carbo you organize notes, drafts and drawings directly on iPad or iPhone

For many years I have been a user of Prizmo, a Creaceed app available for both OS X and iOS. Because now the developer took his expertise to a different application called Carbo.

Carbo app icon β€ΊNotes & Sketches

Carbo allows you to capture and organize written notes and drawings, bringing the legacy of calligraphy to the digital age, on your iPhone and iPad. Carbo's unique pixel-free technology frees you from pixel-related visual artifacts, while preserving all the expressiveness of your original designs. Join notes, drawings or drawings on white boards. With Carbo, he doesn't draw on the screen but instead uses paper and his favorite pen without restrictions.

Carbo's proposal is to organize notes, sketches and drawings directly on the iPad or iPhone. Just take a photo of the paper, make small adjustments of brightness / contrast and then manipulate in a very intuitive way.

Your creations can be stored locally or in the cloud, using iCloud Drive, Evernote and / or Dropbox. Everything can be easily shared via Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, email, message, etc.

In promotion of launch, Carbo is now with 50% discount on the App Store.

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