With BitLife, you can have the life you always wanted (multiple times)

Imagine a faster and more practical The Sims, without many details and without waiting a life to earn that promotion and get rich or famous. Now think of commands that you give in a completely text interface, with no picture. Calm down, not that boring.

BitLife – Life Simulator It's a hilarious game that went on for several days as the most downloaded from the American App Store. So we need to give an important warning: his entire content in english; Therefore, being a game entirely in text, it is recommended to have at least intermediate knowledge of the language.

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Knowing the basics of the language gives you a bit of fun to play with, but the eccentric of the game is precisely the communication and the choices you make, understanding the context of your options within the game. Knowing this, let's create a life with me?

For an all-text game, I will make a quick gameplay, also in text.

Touching “New Life” It is a new life generated, with random data including name, family and nationality. From the start you start with 0 years and with information of your birth.

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Here, for example, my name is Jimbo Roosevelt and I discovered that I was raised on my parents' honeymoon (in another life I was an unwanted pregnancy, but don't tell anyone). I'm poor at $ 0, but I've found that my parents are rich and generous thinking about paid college, of course. And I have an older sister.

At first it is not possible to do much but exist. Touch “+ Age” give you 1 year of life. From the age of 3, you can talk and spend time with your parents, and if you have a brother or sister, you can argue or beat. The latter definitely do not recommend once I assaulted my young sister at the age of 9 (!), And she cut my neck with scissors.

“Evolving” a bit until you are 6, begin with choices that may haunt you for the rest of your life. I broke an expensive vase from my parents and I have two choices: admit or blame the sister. I lied, of course, but nothing happened. Then I suffered bullyingI went to high school and had the options of telling my sister, doing nothing, telling the teacher and assaulting her. As in real life, aggression was not going to be free, right? I pretended dementia.

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At this age you are already starting to study (option “School”) and has more tab interaction options Relationships: ask for money, compliment, talk, insult, go to the movies and pass the time. I used the first option for my parents and earned $ 110 from my father and $ 69 from my mother. I still can't do anything, but soon I'll go to the salon.

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At 13 you can already have a social network and at 14, the salon already offers options such as nail or haircut. I took the new option SexualityI declared myself gay and went looking for a boyfriend. After four rejections, someone wanted me. At 16, you can take a free trial to get a driver's license. The only question is: what does a board mean?

Time goes by and I've found that with 10% intelligence, I'm stupid like a door. There is not much to do here, however much I choose Study harderThe intelligence gene is not in me. Patience, at least I'm happy.

Meanwhile the world around you keeps happening, with information rising every time you get older. For you to have a notion around here: my sister has left home and has eating disorder, my mother died at 54 by a fire at home and my boyfriend proposed to me.

At 21 I wanted to study biology but college expensive, so I asked my dad to pay. Remember what I said there at the beginning, no? Choosing to be kind to your parents early in life will bring positive reflexes later.

I became a landscaper, bought a house and a car. My husband died at 28 years of alcohol poisoning (!) And left me a $ 12 superhero.

At 40, I was fired and diagnosed with depression. I tried some acupuncture sessions, meditation, gym, witchcraft (yes) and a shock therapy. I went crazy and with almost all of mine statsby 0%. I earned another $ 20,000 (of the $ 90,000 I had in mind) in two plastic surgeries, out of 8 available, including increasing my limb and applying botox.

I died at 42 with a bowling ball thrown by my sister in a discussion.

· • ·

Okay, this BitLife play of mine was a tragedy, but I had lives where I died at 100 with $ 53 million in my account. The combination of choices, with a touch of luck, makes each game unique. What's more, you can even add real names of people you know in the options to appear throughout the game, further personalizing your “life”.

Free, definitely an app you need to have to pass the time quickly, or dedicate days of various interactions to, perhaps, be some in life (virtual). The only thing against ignoring the only language available is that advertising can be a nuisance, but there is an internal purchase to take it away if you wish.

This game was suggested by Naelson Arago. If you have game suggestions to appear here on , use and abuse the comments section below or let me know via Twitter. 😉