Apple Watch Canalys Sales Record

With an annual increase of 54% in sales of Watches, Apple is now the company that sells the most watches in the world

Apple released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2018 but, as always, the exact sales figures for the Apple Watch were not detailed, as the device appears in the “Other products” category.

However, thanks to research by Canalys, the estimated figures for the last quarter of 2017 and for the whole of last year have been unraveled, revealing a large increase and even breaking a record.

According to the survey, the Apple Watch had 18 million units sold in 2017, which represents an increase of 54% compared to the previous year. The firm believes that one of those responsible for growth was the Series 3, which came to sell just under 9 million units, representing basically half of the sales for the whole of last year.

Apple Watch Canalys Sales Record

The cellular data version of the Apple Watch was in strong demand in the United States, Japan and Australia, where all the major carriers were supplied in time for the holiday season. But the limited selection of operators in the UK, Germany and France influenced consumer purchase decisions, and stifled the Apple Watch’s growth potential with cellular data. The move to new markets, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, in the first quarter of 2018, in time for the Chinese New Year, was a good move.

–Vincent Thielke, research analyst at Canalys.

Focusing only on the fourth quarter of 2017, there was a 32% year-over-year growth, with 8 million units sold – the highest number in any other quarter, both from Apple and from any other manufacturer.

And the numbers for Apple’s smartwatch from the last quarter are so high that they have even surpassed the sales mark of Swiss watches… combined! Who corroborated with the news that Apple is now the company that sells more watches in the world was the research director of IDC, Francisco Jerônimo:

For the first time, #Apple sold more watches in 4Q2017 than the entire Swiss watch industry! Apple is the world’s largest watchmaker #AppleWatch

In April, the Apple Watch will complete its third year of life; for now, it’s the most popular smart watch in the world and it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon…

via Cult of Mac