With AirBuddy, you see the battery status of AirPods on your Mac.

With AirBuddy, you see the battery status of AirPods on your Mac.

Who has / j used the Airpods You know how magic just open their case next to the iPhone so that a small window pops out of nowhere informing you of the battery status of both the case and the headphones. J on Mac, it works like this:

AirBuddy on macOS

Calm calm. 😁 In fact, this functionality does not exist natively in macOS, but anyone who wants it can now have it on the computer through Airbuddy, utility created by the brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo.

After installing AirBuddy, you configure whether you want it to work for AirPods and / or other headphones with the W1 chip (current Beats line), and at which window position you want the window to appear. Then just open the case next to the Mac for the magic to happen.

In addition to the floating window itself, AirBuddy also installs a widget Battery in Notification Center is similar and as complete as iOS. Basically, Rambo doing the job Apple should have done.

AirBuddy widget

AirBuddy requires macOS Mojave 10.14 and Macs with Bluetooth LE. It costs a minimum of $ 5, but whoever wants can contribute a higher value.

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