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Wistron will also assemble top of the line iPhones in India

THE WistronTaiwanese Apple partner already assembles iPhones at India a few years ago, but its production was always limited to cheaper smartphone models today, only (or were) assembled by iPhone 6s It's from iPhone SE. Now that is about to change.

IPhone production in India

As the newspaper reported Economic Times, the Government of India approved a Wistron expansion plan which, after an investment of 50 billion Indian Rupees (about R $ 2.8 billion), will open a new iPhones production plant in the country this time, setting up newer models. and expensive from Ma, as XR iPhones and / or XS.

The information was not confirmed by Wistron or Apple, but by India's Minister of Information and Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad. According to him, Wistron start producing the "latest iPhone models" in India.

If you remember correctly, this information meets the news we commented here last December: At the time, Apple was believed to turn to Foxconn to produce the latest iPhone models. Foxconn itself confirmed the plans and made a proposal. of investment to the Indian government.

In the end, it seems that Wistron got the better of it, although Foxconn's bargaining power cannot be prematurely dismissed as it is known that Apple's largest supplier and maker of most of the iPhones that are sold. in the world.

The move by Apple and its suppliers to move at least a portion of iPhone production out of China is clear: to escape the rampant rates the US government is imposing on products from the Wall and to diversify its assembly lines. .

It remains to be seen, however, what Ma's strategy for India itself is, one of the largest markets in the world and where the iPhone suffers to win two digits in popular preference today, it has about 2% market share in the country. .

We will be watching to follow the next chapters of this story.

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