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Wiser Simple Launcher: A Simplified Interface for Your Android

Many smartphones already come with a native simplified mode, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. But how Wiser Simple Launcher You can make your interface even easier to use. This is the ideal tool for Android beginners, kids and seniors with no experience with Google's operating system.

androidpit wiser teaser

For those who do not want or know how to use the smartphone at a higher level, or do not need all the functions that the system has to offer, the launcher developed by UIU LTD may be the right choice.

Its interface could not be simpler: the home screen is divided between the most used functions: contacts, dialer, messages, camera, gallery and applications. By swiping left, or clicking the arrow, you can customize your favorite contacts and apps. Click on the + symbol to add and the gear to remove elements. A click on the home icon brings you back to the start screen.

Wiser app launcher
Divided into a few simple screens, the interface gives the user a good overview. / AndroidPIT

By clicking Apps, you get a very clear overview of all your apps. You can also find and install more apps by clicking the Add button in the upper right corner, which will take you directly to the Google Play Store. You will also receive your notifications very clearly so as not to miss anything.

Wiser app
You can configure Wiser as your native launcher. If you no longer want to use it, go to Settings> Applications> Wiser App Info and then 'clear defaults'. / AndroidPIT

O Wiser Simple Launcher is available for free from the Google Play Store.

What did you think of him? Do you know another launcher for beginners or seniors?

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