Wireless Smart TV: Samsung almost presented one at CES 2020, but gave up

According to a company executive, Samsung gave up on presenting its new wireless TV because it would need a complex installation structure

THE Samsung already presented a TV that spins and even a 4K Chromebook on CES 2020, the largest technology fair in the world. But a big news from the company, unfortunately, to be left out of this year's event: its completely wireless TV (wireless TV, in free translation).

The announcement does not come by chance, after all patent it had already been registered, as the Dutch website LetsGo Digital reveals. Registered in February 2019, it was expected that the wireless smart TV would make an appearance on the CES this year, revealing a little bit about how technology wireless would work. However, the first official confirmation of the company has just been made.

Han Jong-hee wireless TVHan Jong-hee, talking about QLED in 2018 (Reproduction: The Korea Herald)

As published by Yonhap News Agency, Hang Jong-hee, president of a Visual Display Division of the South Korean company) communicated to reporters just before the CES 2020 that they are really developing “Such a wireless TV”, but that it would not be possible to exhibit it at the fair, as “construction work on the walls” would be necessary.

It is worth noting that, for the wireless smart TV to work correctly, there could be no interference in the transmission of energy with other products at the fair. In the case of CES, we can understand how other wireless displays can hinder the item that is still in development.

“Wireless power transfer has shown little efficiency when turning on the TV. If we launch the product today, each consumer needs to find a way to solve their problem ”.

Hang Jong-hee, at pre-CES 2020

In summary, even with enough progress for the disclosure to be made in the press, there is a lot of work to be done, even if they have adopted a technology similar to something very familiar.

How Samsung's wireless TV would work

Due to other comments made by the director, it is suggested that the technology be similar to smartphones company, which work by means of wireless magnetic induction to the base connected to the socket, the cell phone only needs to be resting on top. The resonance eliminates this “contact” factor from the question, since the difference is that the wireless smart TV would not need to be on a “base” to be connected, but within a specific range in the case, within two meters of the wireless plug.

Samsung wireless charger Samsung wireless charger (Credit: Reproduo, Digital Trends)

The president's announcement at the pre-CES only leads us to believe that the launch of the product is not so far away, however, that Samsung has not yet revealed the launch date. Maybe in a IFA 2020, who knows? Leave in the comments how you think this wireless TV from Samsung.

Source: Yonhap News Agency, LetsGo Digital;