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Wintek could be the supplier of touchscreens for the alleged Apple tablet

In the midst of labor protests that took place yesterday in Taiwan, the Chinese website DigiTimes reports today that Apple and Wintek may be aligned once again on a new project: the so-called Ma tablet.

The supplier may be responsible for the touchscreens for the new media pad, something already spoken since March of this year and later corroborated by Dow Jones and for Reuters, which specified that the panels would measure 10 inches.

Apple tablet patent

In the face of so many “confirmations” and information that are not complementary, but in agreement, I believe that we can classify this rumor as one of the most certain of recent times. This time, the details were passed on to the publication by integrated circuit designers in Taiwan, excited about the arrival of such a product.

Initially it was thought that Apple could enter the netbook segment specifically, but today it is speculated that such a product is a mix of tablet with reader eBooks, focused on mobile internet access with VoIP and integrated Wi-Fi.