Serviço de delivery da Wing dobra sua quantidade de entregas todos os meses

Wing's delivery service doubles your delivery quantity every month

The subsidiary of Alphabet, Wings, is doing quite well with its drone delivery service this year, with its number of deliveries doubling every month. According to the firm's executives, part of this growth comes from an increase in the flow of customers.


Device known as Wing can be launched in the second half of this year

THE communications director at Wings, Maria Catanzariti, told the website Business Insider that the company grew by around 350% in the number of consumer subscriptions in April, compared to March.

"We saw the number of deliveries double from February to March, and then double again from March to April. That adds up to include thousands of deliveries to Australia over that period of time."Maria Catanzariti, director of communications at Wings

In the evaluation of company executives, this large number of new customers may be, in part, a direct consequence of quarantine and social distance due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

Source: Wing

Delivery services have been successful all over the planet, as people are staying almost all the time at home and are looking to limit their interaction with others. Drone delivery is perfect for a time like this, as it allows packages to be delivered without contact with other human beings.

As the website explains DJ Drone, Wings drones simply fly to the customer's farm and drop the package in the designated area. The company's services are known for their agility. Nothing demonstrates this aspect of the firm better than its fastest delivery time record to date: 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

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