Wine version 3.0 RC1 released with support for DirectX 11 on Linux

With support for the Microsoft API, several newer games should work without major problems.

The developers of Wine announced the RC1 version of Wine 3.0, this release marks native support for Microsoft's graphical API, DirectX 11.

Wine 3.0 RC1

This new version of Wine has been released with 28 major fixes, bringing improvements and support to many programs and games like: The Witcher 3, Metal Slug 2 (GOG), World Of Tanks, SlingPlayer 1.5, MultiSpec 2.8.2016 32-bit, DigitalMicrograph Anime Studio Professional 8, Temple +, Unigine: Heaven, Sims 4, Fallout 4, Torchlight, Star Trek Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Upwards, Lonely Robot, NieR: Automata, Oblivion Script Extender, pCon.planner, Dys-Vocal 2, Java Minecraft and Soldiers of Anarchy.

This release is a "freeze" type, as it is said, ie after changes have been made, no more code will be implemented in this release, entering the bug fix phase until the final 3.0 release comes out.

You can learn more about this version. through the site Official version of Wine, this version is now available to users of PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac, as well as Lutris and CrossOver.

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