Windows wins app for you to monitor new coronavirus pandemic

Created by Microsoft, the COVID 19 Tracker application brings real-time data on the evolution of the pandemic in the world to the computer screen.

Microsoft released this week the app COVID 19 Tracker (or “COVID-19 Tracker“, In free translation) for the Windows 10. As the name already gives, the purpose of the app will help you to track, in real time, the reliable information about the pandemic of COVID-19, respiratory disease caused by new coronavirus.

O app works with the company's search platform Microsoft, O Bing. In its interface, the program brings updated data on the cases of the COVID-19, relevant news and videos pinned from sources that the app considers reliable. You can also save specific locations to monitor the evolution of the pandemic.

COVID 19 Tracker application features

COVID 19 Tracker app logoApp brings a series of resources to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check below the complete list of features offered by the Microsoft:

  • Real-time statistics on cases of COVID-19 in the world;
  • News and videos about new coronavirus (you can select the regions);
  • Graphs and tables with data on contagion and comparisons between countries and regions;
  • Test center information (by counties in the US and India);
  • Useful information from local and state health departments;
  • Support for more than 30 languages ​​(including Portuguese from Brazil).

The program is free and available at the Microsoft. it is possible to download the COVID 19 Tracker at the Windows 10 (verse 10586 or higher) and no Xbox one or access the platform from a browser.

The platform itself was launched by Microsoft in March. The novelty that it is now available in application format.

Tracking the current situation in Brazil and in the world

COVID 19 Tracker app screenData from the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil.

According to the application information COVID 19 Tracker, currently Brazil has 87,187 confirmed cases of the disease. Of these, 45,246 cases are considered active in the disease and 6,006 were fatal. The country also registered 35,935 cases in which patients recovered from COVID-19according to app.

The state of So Paulo continues to lead the list of states with the highest number of confirmed cases in the COVID-19 (28,698), followed by Rio de Janeiro (9,453) and Cear (7,606). The state with the lowest number of confirmed cases, according to the Microsoft, Tocantins (137).

COVID 19 Tracker app screenCOVID-19 pandemic data worldwide.

In the world, COVID 19 Tracker points out that the total of confirmed cases of 3,274,747. Of these, 2,017,044 cases are considered active and 233,792 were fatal. On the other hand, in 1,023,911 cases the patients managed to recover from the disease.

The country with the highest number of confirmed cases is the USA (1,095,651), followed by Spain (215,216) and Italy (205,463). According to the app, the country with the lowest number of confirmed cases So Pedro and Miquelo, with only one case of the disease registered.

COVID-19: Other online platforms

O COVID 19 Tracker it is not the only online platform you can access to explore information about the new coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavrus Brasil platform screen'Coronavrus Brasil' is the platform created by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health, for example, has the platform “Coronavrus Brazil“. it is basically a panel that brings general and specific data on the evolution of the pandemic in Brazil. The platform shows the current number of confirmed cases, deaths, lethality percentage, maps, graphs and tables. The data are compiled based on the information provided by the State Health Secretariats.

You can also download the app Coronavrus SUS (Android and iOS), where it is possible to make a self-assessment of your health, follow tips from the Ministry of Health, the latest news about the pandemic and search for health units based on your location.

UNA-SUS platform screenUNA-SUS also offers a platform to monitor the pandemic.

THE UNA-SUS (Open University of the Single Health System), created by the Ministry of Health, also offers a pandemic monitoring platform. it is a page that brings the latest data on confirmed cases and deaths, current affairs and news, guidelines for health professionals and the population and all official channels that transmit related information COVID-19 (Anvisa, WHO etc).

Other Showmetech materials related to COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Showmetech publishes news and developments in the tech related world COVID-19.

The articles cover everything from a smartwatch update that helps detect COVID-19 to tips on how to deal with the anxiety spiral caused by the pandemic.

Check below a list of the main (and most recent) news from Showmetech related COVID-19:

O Showmetech he also published several tips related to home office, a type of work that is on the rise due to social isolation and quarantine measures. Among the recommendations are the best notebooks and accessories for those who are going to do telework and tips from Samsung to boost your notebook and improve your home office period.

Sources: MS Power User and Bing

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