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Windows 7 wins family pack “3 in 1”

(Updated) Microsoft will make Windows 7 Family available again, an update package for its latest operating system that allows you to obtain three user licenses at a promotional price, which in the USA will be $ 149.99 (116 , 99 euros), advances the company on the official blog.

The promotion covers only upgrade versions, intended for computers that already have previous versions of the operating systems of the Redmond giant, Vista and XP, and updates to the Home Premium editions of the new Windows.

For comparison, it can be mentioned that the license for a computer, also in the upgrade version, is sold in Portugal at the recommended price of 89.99 euros.

Family packages are scheduled to launch on October 3 in the USA, and there is still no indication regarding availability in our country. France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are some of the “many other markets” where this version will be marketed, according to the company, but only after 22 October. Portugal is one of the countries where the family Windows package will be available at the end of October, confirmed Microsoft.

This type of offer had already been available on the product’s launch date, in October 2009, but only for a limited period of time. The “recipe” is repeated, with the offer being classified again as “limited”.

Meanwhile, the latest data from Net Applications on the most used operating systems on devices for Internet access have also been made available, which reveal an increasing adoption of the new Microsoft operating system.

According to the report now presented, Windows 7 was the OS used on 15.87 percent of devices, compared to Vista’s 14 percent. The data consolidate the dominance of the most recent software over its predecessor, which had been surpassed for the first time in July.

Net Market Share image from Net Applications

Despite the good results of Windows 7, the ultimate winner remains XP, which still holds an expressive leadership in August, supported by a 60.89 percent share of use – just one percentage point less than in July.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with information from Microsoft in Portugal.