Windows 7 Release Candidate in May?

An apparent leak of information has passed to the market the date when Microsoft supposedly intends to advance with the Release Candidate of Windows 7.

In an update made yesterday to the TechNet page, the company published an entry dated May this year on the topic. More specifically, the instructions for download of the RC. The information said that the Release Candidate would be available by the end of June, without limits to the download, and with a date to expire on June 1, 2010.

This entry was removed shortly after it was published, but some attentive looks still saw it and the screenshot of the page ended up circulating in the specialized press.

The removal of the information failed, however, to avoid the assumptions that this was an error that put the information that will be made available with the RC online when it is launched online. Since the communication date is May, it is assumed that it will be for this time that the company prepares the launch.

The information published on the site ended up giving strength to previous rumors, which already pointed to spring as the launch date for the new version of Windows tests.

RC Windows 7

(The image was collected from the Ars Technica website)