Windows 7 in 17% of Portuguese computers

(Updated) Microsoft believes that it has reason to be satisfied with the evolution of Windows 7 also in Portugal. StatCounter figures show that 17 percent of PCs already use the new Windows, data from the end of March.

Without advancing numbers of license sales for the new operating system in Portugal, João Batalha, Windows manager in Portugal, argues that the data from StatCounter, which measures the traffic of about 3 million PCs, are indicative of usage in Portugal, revealing a 13.8% growth compared to October 2009, when Windows 7 was launched.

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João Batalha stresses that it is clear that Windows 7 is a worldwide success and, in Portugal, the market share is “very interesting” for such a short life cycle of the operating system. “The reason for the success of Windows 7 comes from the greater simplicity and productivity. But also from the better entertainment experience”, he underlined today at a press conference.

Despite the good results perceived, Microsoft does not update the previously defined goals of migrating until 2012 the entire base installed with Vista and up to 50 percent of Windows XP. “We keep our goals and we think we are on the right track […] The first six months were above our expectations but we prefer to be cautious and not ride this wave of enthusiasm “, says João Batalha.

During the first semester of sales, it was the Windows 7 Home Premium version that sold the most in stores, but in Portugal, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate achieved a weight of 21% in retail sales, a figure that is among the highest in the Europe.

Although it does not advance numbers of licenses in Portugal, Microsoft says that 76% of the computers sold in 2010 already have Windows 7 installed. By the end of 2009, this figure was 18%. The person in charge of the Windows business admits that there may still be retail equipment with Windows XP and Windows Vista, especially netbooks, which justify the difference of 24% in sales of computers without the new Windows.

João Batalha stresses that the successful adoption of Windows 7 is also relevant, highlighting the names of several companies that have already implemented the new operating system or are in an advanced stage of implementation. “In SMEs we do not have the notion of all implementations, but there is a positive adoption curve”, says this official.

Editor’s Note: The news was updated with more information collected at the press conference.