Windows 7 beta running (and fine) on MacBook Pro unibody

Windows 7 beta running (and fine) on MacBook Pro unibody

Microsoft recently released a beta version of Windows 7 for download, the next version of its operating system that will come to “erase” the negative image left by Windows Vista. Many people downloaded, installed and tested this beta version on their PCs.

Windows 7 on Macbook Pro

However, some of the more courageous decided to test how the Redmond giant's new operating system would perform on their Macs. Everything indicates that the installation process via Boot Camp is very simple and the operation of Windows 7 occurs without major problems on Ma's computers.

Below, check out a Windows 7 beta video working on one of the new MacBooks Pro unibody:

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Anyone who wants to test on their own Mac how Windows 7 works can check out all the steps in the installation process here. Have a good time! If that can be considered different …

(Via: Engadget.)