Windows 7 accelerates PC sales in the corporate world, but does not affect Apple

ChangeWave Research released this week the result of a survey that proved that Windows 7 has contributed to accelerate PC sales in the corporate segment, but also showed that Microsoft's new operating system in no way affected Macs as expected.

The report says that the first quarter of 2010 will be the strongest in IT spending since the beginning of 2008. Of 1,753 responsible for acquisitions, 73% said their companies will buy laptops and 69% said that desktops are in the planned spending for the beginning of the coming year.

Apple corporate spending: ChangeWave

The ChangeWave survey also showed that Apple reached a record of one in ten companies (that is, 10%) interested in MacBooks / MacBooks Pro in Q1 ’10. On desktops the number drops to 7%, but it is still quite significant.

(via Fortune Brainstorm Tech)

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