Windows 10 grátis

Windows 10 will not be "free"

Windows 10 will not be free for pirate users, the upgrade will be.

I am seeing a misinterpretation occur quite often in the technology world, mistakes can happen for different reasons but I sincerely believe that they are two things, excitement about the arrival of the new Windows and lack of text interpretation, perhaps ally the desire to pass a Clear information from some websites.

Windows 10 free

Windows 10 won't be given to pirates for free

The subtle difference between allowing system upgrade even for pirate users and deliberately giving a Windows license to pirate users is causing some confusion in the technological world.

Although this is a blog focused on Linux based systems I believe I have a duty to help people understand what is going on and of course to make a parallel about what is the relevance of this Microsoft attitude to the Penguin world.

The case

Basically, Microsoft announced that the update for Windows 10 to be free, that is, if you have already purchased Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 you can upgrade to Windows 10 without paying a dime, but this also goes for you who have a pirated Windows (7 , 8 or 8.1), so both legal users and illegal users of Microsoft's system can get the new Windows through a free update. Windows-10-logo

The misconception is that people think that Windows is free because of this, in fact what happens is that the license that the user has on their computer remain the same, so if you bought Windows you will have after upgrading a Windows 10 registered and legalized, similarly the pirate system user who decides to upgrade the system to version 10 to keep your pirated license, meaning you have a pirated Windows 10!

Questionable market maneuver

At first it was only for Chinese territory, but it was expanded to the rest of the world, it seems obvious that Microsoft would not "give" Windows to pirate users, it would actually infuriate customers who paid for the operating system a little. Formerly, it seems to me a clear incentive to pirate your system, allowing people to use the system pirately so that everyone uses the same version of the system, after all, practically the biggest difference between who already intended to pirate software instead Going to a torrent site and downloading the pirated Windows 10 ISO, Microsoft itself will provide you with an official download.

The morally questionable maneuver obviously aims to make as many users as possible migrate to the new version of the system, and possibly work.

Proof that Windows 10 is not in fact free of charge that new computers that will be sold with the new system will not cost less than $ 100 to $ 500 for that.

The impact of this on the Linux world

Some people were concerned about what would happen to Linux if Windows were free, so to try to clarify things a bit and also to express my point of view on the subject, Diolinux produced this video below, check it out:

I hope this question has now been clarified that was bothering some people until next time!

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