Windows 10: It's easier to use your PC-connected Android

Windows 10: It's easier to use your PC-connected Android

Android and iOS are the most widely used mobile operating systems worldwide, and Microsoft knows it. So much so that it will make it easier to use Windows 10 on devices running both systems. Yesterday, the computer giant released an important testing feature that further approximates the use of Windows 10 to Android.

In the new feature of Windows 10 it is already possible to test the new feature of connecting the smartphone to the PC. But so far, only a few Android users have the ability to test the new function.

To get started, you need to be registered with the Windows Insider Program, install the Windows 10 build 16251 on your PC, access Settings> Phone and connect your device. That done, you will get an SMS with a link to download the app. Microsoft Apps on your Android.

Microsoft windows 10 android
From the settings it will be easier to connect your Android to PC / Microsoft

Among the actions, users will be able to share the link of pages accessed from the browser on the mobile phone with the PC using the "Continue on PC" option. To take action, you will need to add your Microsoft account. If you already used Google Maps on your PC and sent the route to your smartphone, you know how it will work. Samsung and Apple devices have this kind of feature as well.

windows 10 android link
Step by step process of connecting smartphone to PC / Microsoft

Microsoft has also optimized the use of its virtual assistant, Cortana, for more intuitive use. Thus, searching for movies, stock exchange updating, flight schedule and of course weather forecasting will be simpler, as you will not need to open the browser to do so:

cortana microsoft windows 10
The weather forecast is closest to you on Windows 10 / Microsoft

Even the action of turning off the computer can be done with a voice command: "Cortana, turn off the computer". However, this option can only be used in English so far.

And how do you rate your experience connecting your Android to your PC today? Is this a feature you have been waiting for?

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