Will we ever see a different Lock Screen on iOS?

We are moving towards the ninth version of iOS. Of course, a lot has changed in this trajectory, greatly improving the user's experience. Other important ones, however, remain practically the same. Want examples? The way we manage our contacts in the Apple ecosystem remains the same from the beginning, we have already seen an interesting concept which imagines how this could change, but this is an area that Apple has not yet dared to touch.

Another area that has changed little since the first version of Apple's mobile system Locked Screen. She has always counted on the day and time, the famous “Slide to unlock” and some of the latest notifications received by the user (if he has received, of course). Even differently (which was not possible in the first versions) we have the possibility to invoke Siri, to slide from top to bottom and view the Notification Center and slide from bottom to top to call the Control Center. Little thing for such a noble space and that the gateway to the system is not the same?

Designer Louie Mantia (who previously worked at Apple) shared the image above on Twitter, showing his alternative view of the iOS Lock Screen.

Simple and elegant, right? Many may not like or even agree with Mantia's view, which in fact continues to show basically the same information as today in a different way; with the exception of the weather forecast, this is a novelty. But what practically everyone must agree that the Locked Screen deserved a rereading, a way for us to be able to view more important information in a simple and quick way.

Do you suggest? The comments are for that!