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Will dark mode get to iOS before Android?

Who reminds you of the dark theme option that first appeared on the Android version of Lollipop? Well, dark mode didn't come with Android 5.0 as we expected, and apparently iOS had the feature before Google platform users. Is the apple going out front this time?

How dark mode came to iOS 10

The dark mode on iOS 10 is somewhat hidden, and only a few developers have been able to gain access to the internal codes that reveal this function. Apparently it is possible to activate the feature by performing some maneuvers, but this possibility, at least so far, is restricted to programmers.

According to what has been raised by some specialized Apple system vehicles, the company is likely to offer the feature in addition to Night Shift mode, which makes changes to the screen colors to make reading more user-friendly in environments. with low illumination. Thus, the dark theme would be an option of this low light mode.

ios 10 dark theme mode
IOS 10 beta dark theme / Andrew Wiik

Users testing iOS 10 can already see some apps with dark theme features, such as the iTunes Store watch and movie section (above), which used to have a white background by default. In addition, the iBooks app had already gained the dark mode option when iOS 8 was publicly released in September 2014.

How dark mode came to Android N

Android N's previews indicate that dark mode will also be present in the final version of the system. However, this may change with the next beta system updates until the final OS release, as this happened with Android Lollipop. With the fourth preview, all APIs have already been defined, and if Dark Mode continued on this preview of Android N, it is unlikely to be in the final version.

For those who do not remember, the dark theme was present in the Lollipop previews, but did not come with the release of the final compilation of the OS. It is likely that the feature did not please Google developers, who chose to resurrect it with the arrival of the seventh version of the green robot.

Dark UI android m
Dark theme on Lollipop / ANDROIDPIT

We are not sure if this feature will remain in the final version of Android N, expected to be released in the last quarter of the year. At the same time, Apple can accelerate the development of dark mode on iOS 10, which will be released publicly in mid-September.

If this proves to be the case, the apple must first implement the function that Android users have been waiting for some time.

Do you think Apple will really implement the dark theme on iOS 10? How useful would dark mode be for Android?

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