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Will Cooke leaves Ubuntu desktop division, enters Martin Wimpress

The Exchange took place after the release of Ubuntu 19.10, Cooke's last job at the head of the division.

News has caught some users of the Linux community by surprise, especially those using Ubuntu. Will Cooke left the company.

Will Cooke leaves Ubuntu desktop division, enters Martin Wimpress Cooke stayed at Canonical as director / manager of Ubuntu Desktop from 2014 to 2019, being one of those responsible for the Unity project, which after many years of life died, thus giving way to GNOME, as Ubuntu's DE. A few months ago, we did an interview with Cooke, and there are some interesting statements about Ubuntu's desktop direction. You can check the entire interview through the link.

Now who takes over the Ubuntu desktop division, Martin Wimpress, better known as the main dev of Ubuntu MATE. In addition to working as an engineer at Snapcraft, Canonical.

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Disclosure Image

With this change in the board, in the Ubuntu Desktop division, we can expect a lot of good things to come by. One of the achievements of Wimpress, reviving Unity inside MATE, and of course doing work related to hybrid laptops (Intel + NVIDIA), where in Ubuntu MATE, some implementations like the applet mate-optimus, which switches between The cards, of course, are among the first to begin implementing NVIDIA news for these laptops. In addition, Wimpress is more active in social networks and communities than Cooke.

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