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Will Apple participate in the Mobile World Congress in early 2017?

In 2009 (time passes quickly), Apple said it would participate for the last time at Macworld, a fair in which the company launched many of its products. Since then, we have not seen Ma participating in events like this anymore (Macworld, NAB Show, Apple Expo in Paris, etc.) for a very simple reason: in Ma's understanding, there are much better ways to reach its consumers than fairs. and such events, including the incredible popularity of its official stores and the Apple portal itself, which reaches hundreds of millions of consumers of the brand worldwide.

Now, years later, it may be that she returns to participate in something like that.

Mobile World Congress 2017 logo

The company's name appeared on the official list of participants in the Mobile World Congress which will happen in the beginning of 2017 (between February 27th and March 2nd). It is true that shortly afterwards he disappeared from there, but the presence does not appear to have been a mere mistake by the organizers.

According to the discovery of the company Babel, Apple would have reserved three spaces, one of them in the place called App Planet (in Hall 8.1). Such a space is described as a unique area focusing on the latest technologies in the application industry, which leads us to believe that Apple's plans may have a connection with the disclosure of its first original series, entitled “Planet of the Apps” (which has big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.

Planet of the apps original series

The other two spaces are meeting rooms, which shows that the company's presence at the event may even go unnoticed by the general public.

Obviously, neither Apple nor the event organizers have confirmed anything and the debt is likely to remain perhaps until the event happens.

(via MacRumors)