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Wifite – Breaking Wiireless Passwords

The idea of ​​this article is to demonstrate the vulnerability of wireless networks, and especially to instill the idea of ​​using decent passwords.

We will not cover basic principles about wifi networks, which are essential to obtain a good result using this or other tools for this purpose.

The Wifite a program developed in Python that allows, among other things:

  • Sort goals by their power (in dB)
  • Crack multiple ESSIDs at once
  • Filter what the user wants to crack (WEP, WPA, channel,)
  • Put the card in monitor mode automatically.
  • Automat the attack.
  • Ability to use dictionaries.
  • Ability to change mac to make anonymous attacks
  • GUI interface (the best !!!)

To install the tool you must also install the following dependencies:

  • aircrack-ng
  • python-tk
  • macchanger
  • pyrit

Then to install wifite, turn the following commands:

wget -O http://wifite.googlecode/svn/trunk/ chmod +x sudo ./

The tool has numerous tools and options, and even uses a graphical interface (which makes it very special).

After the chosen options, red button starts the attack. A terminal will open, which after a while will show us the possible objects found. We can choose a specific target or scan them all.

After a while, the password obtained will be displayed.

The attack can be stopped using Ctrl + C. Another interesting detail that the program can be updated with the command

./ -upgrade

Do not use the program to do evil.