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With WiFi Mouse Pro, you can turn your smartphone into a remote mouse for your PC. You simply need a wireless connection to control your computer keyboard and mouse directly from your device. There are still other functions and features available thanks to the phone's multitouch screen. If the app really good, time to know in our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.1Root: YesRoda from: Android 2.1Before you can start WiFi Mouse Pro, you will need to download the version of the program to your PC or Mac. You can download it from the app developers page. Once this phase is complete, simply launch the app on your smartphone and connect it to your PC. For this, there is in the app a function called Auto Connect. However, you can still manually enter your computer's IP address. Ready! All set to use your smartphone as a wireless mouse.

For those with computer experience, this app will certainly be easy to use, especially for managing presentations on projectors or screens that are far from the source computer. Not only that: you can even control the computer from a distance.

In addition to the trivial mouse functions, ie moving the cursor, using the two buttons and using the scroll wheel, it is also possible to zoom in on certain areas of the screen using multitouch or even use up to four fingers to organize files and folders. You can also use your smartphone keyboard and do it as a remote keyboard on your PC. That is, you can use your PC without necessarily being in front of it. And the app brings the possibility of selecting right or left handed mouse.

However, we have to talk about some negative aspects of the app: the cursor movement was not always fluid. In fact, he even crashed. And the same we can talk about the keyboard function. Of course this all depends on the stability of the WiFi connection that the user has. Other than that, we can also cite the cumbersome scroll function, since in the end it is necessary to move the finger down for it to work. Undoubtedly it would be interesting if the developers improved such aspects in a future version of the app.

Conclusion:WiFi Mouse Pro, despite its flaws, is still a great app, especially for its multiple functions. With some improvement in functionality, we do not doubt that it will become one of the best of its kind.

Screen & Controls

WiFi Mouse Pro ran very well on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. The commands at the bottom of the screen are no longer there, making them useful all the time. Of course this fact contributes to the smooth running of the app, but not to its look. As we said, the mouse is slow, but nothing that has impaired the overall functioning of the app.

Speed ​​& Stability

During our tests, there were no abnormalities or interruptions of any kind to the connection. In this regard, WiFi Mouse Pro deserves our highest rating.

Price / Performance Ratio

WiFi Mouse Pro can be purchased for 3.18 or $ 8.27 from the Google Play Store. This is the normal price of the app. However, like every second day of App of the Week review and this consequently means discount, enjoy and get WiFi Mouse Pro for only 1.59 or $ 1.13. We are of the opinion that the price is fairly fair, given that the app can be of great support to professionals and that it is adapted to both PCs and Macs. Developers offer the ability to test the app for 7 days prior to final purchase.

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