WiBa is a portable (almost) fully wireless charger for your new iPhone or Qi-compatible device

External batteries and powerbanks the world is full just see that we have already talked about a sample of this product today, so whoever wants to stand out in this highly competitive market has to bring some differential to the table.

O WiBa Power Bank, from the manufacturer of accessories Avid, you're trying to do just that.

Avido WiBa Power Bank external wireless battery

The accessory has an internal battery 5,000mAh It is a USB connection for those who need (or want) to charge their devices via cable, but the big difference here is in their wireless skills: the charger itself works as a Qi charging station, compatible with the wireless charging of the latest iPhones and almost all modern Android smartphones.

More than that: the accessory itself can be recharged wirelessly through its base, which also serves, by itself, as a charging station for any device, this is the only part that needs to be plugged into the socket. So it is possible, for example to make a “sandwich” on your table, with the charging base underneath, the powerbank in the middle and the smartphone at the top, the last two charging simultaneously.

The accessory also has two metal parts that can be glued to the back of your smartphone to ensure that the device is always positioned correctly, by means of hands, and does not slip off its smooth white surface. According to the manufacturer, the external battery is capable of providing fast charging, but it has not been specified whether this feature has to do with the 7.5W charge enabled by Apple in its latest smartphones.

The WiBa Power Bank will be launched “this year”, for the price of US $ 100 in the United States. Interesting, n?

via MacRumors