Why we believe Intel processors will be replaced by ARM on Macs

In the last episode of on Air, was discussed about strong rumors that Apple was planning to replace current Intel processors used in Macs.

Here are some facts that make me wonder how much this rumor makes sense:

  • All apps developed by Xcode (in most cases) would already be relatively ready to be ported to the new architectureThanks to the LLVM compiler that Apple has been using for a long time.
  • Perhaps the biggest reason we believe this rumor: reference to an ARM CPU found in the core (kernel) from macOS Sierra recently.
  • In 2005, Apple replaced PowerPC processors with Intel chips. At the time Windows was quite relevant and using this architecture was important for Macs to become more compatible with it and also applications developed for x86 processors. Currently the Mobile platforms are much more relevant than Windows and a migration to ARM architecture would make a lot of sense.
  • Apple could without problems maintain partnership with Intel if she started making ARM chips (and it seems that she will).
  • Apple TV (fourth generation) uses an A8 processor which is slightly more powerful than the A8 used in the iPhone, most likely because it is connected to the power grid all the time, ie need not be so energy efficient speaking. The same could happen with Macs, especially considering that the latest models are really very powerful.
  • Mac ecosystem is much better than before: In addition to there are many more native apps, we also have a greater amount of web apps, which run directly in the browser regardless of platform, something much more common than in 2005 (when Apple adopted the Intel architecture). Another point is that if Ma was bold enough to declare a headphone out war, she probably wouldn't be worried about the minority that relies on Windows-only apps. 😜
  • Apple would no longer depend on Intel to advance technologically.
  • Apple could use this migration as an excuse to limit app installs to Mac App Store onlyWhich sounds like a bad idea for users, but good in terms of security and also for the company pocket.

My personal opinion that this may not take long to happen. The new 12-inch MacBook would be a good candidate to be the Guinea pigSince it has a weaker processor than the traditional ones, it uses a fanless architecture and also because it is not one of the top selling Macs (based on no statistics, just my print).

And you, what do you think?