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Why Waze matters to Google: Maps without traffic jam

The idea is every driver's dream: a map and route calculation app that also gathers real-time traffic information.

Waze google maps
Google buys Waze. What is the intention behind this partnership? / Google Play Store / AndroidPIT

Avoid traffic jams, however, just one of the uses for Waze. With it you can, for example, know how far your friends are from a destination, report accidents and police barriers, and find out where it is cheaper to supply. Its simple and effective operating principle: Once installed, Waze automatically sends driver speed and location data to the company's server, which in turn identifies traffic jams or locks and shares the information. This forms a large community on wheels that is both the source and recipient of traffic news.

Waze Google
Union of forces between Google and Waze. / Google Play Store

With more than 40 million users in just five years, the Israeli-based company has caught the eye of giants like Facebook and Apple, but it was Google that last week closed the Waze purchase by 1.3. $ 1 billion. Brian McClendon, one of Google's Vice Presidents, reports on the company's official blog that the purchase will benefit both the Waze community and Google Maps users: "We are excited to add some information functions to Google Maps. the traffic provided by Waze and to add to Waze Google's search capability. " Still according to McClendon, Waze's team of developers stay in Israel and work, initially, independently of Google.

The coupling of strengths between startup dynamics and the internet tit promises an exponential increase of drivers informing and being informed by the app, leading to even more accurate traffic news, even faster updates and an even wider field of coverage. .

Do you agree with this opinion or do you think the big G ends up spoiling a good idea?

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