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Why the new Google Assistant is the best news of the week

Remember every time you triggered an app to know which song was playing or which artist was singing? Or when you searched your cell phone using your voice to know who the president of the United States was? Google Now was learning to understand what you said, decoding text audio, and providing information. A few years went by and the system got even smarter. Now we know the natural evolution of Google Now, and it's called Google Assistant, or Google Assistant.

To adapt the technology to our language, I will continue using Google Assistant. This service is clearly an upgrade from what we already have on our Android smartphones. As we were introduced to yesterday, the service is smarter and able to continue a conversation effectively. It is very clear that we are heading towards that future in which we will refer to services performed by robots and humans. The Google Assistant proves that instead of a desk, you will have a gadget called Google Home or smartphone helping you with your daily activities, such as rescheduling the restaurant for a new time.

We want users to have a continuous two-way dialogue

google allo bra
Allo is Google's new messenger and promises good interaction with Company Assistant / ANDROIDPIT

The evolution of Google Now as we know it today goes beyond. The Google Assistant gets even greater integration with the search giant's newly launched services, such as Allo, a messenger app developed by the Android team and open for developers to offer chat features. Something that opens a giant door to the possibilities we have today in Hangouts.

According to Android CEO Sundar Pichai, "the company wants users to have a continuous two-way dialogue." For those who do not remember, as soon as we had the creation of Alphabet, Pichai was responsible for Android and Google's search service at the multinational Google Inc .. Looking at what was presented during Google I / O 2016, this union can be very welcome.

Incidentally, the Google Assistant is not the only artificial intelligence service to appear on the market this year as a major breakthrough in the area. Alexa, Amazon's assistant, has been causing a furor in the US for transforming the routine of users. In addition to this we have Hound, developed by SoundHound – yes, the same developer of the music recognition app that bears the name of the agency. Then, still as a promise, we have Siri who, after yesterday, will have to receive a revamped Apple at WWDC to continue competing in the category of voice assistants. Finally, Microsoft is also investing heavily in Cortana.

Google i the 2016 keynote 9
"Conversations are what make things happen in your world" / Google

As you may notice, voice assistants in conjunction with a good button system are more present in our daily lives than we can sometimes imagine. And, the fact that the search giant has years of research, information and statistics within this technology makes Google one of the favorites to develop the best voice platform.

It is even more interesting to see Google, a company whose profit is essentially based on search advertising, thus investing in a voice assistant. For sure, we will now see the search giant's biggest effort to develop new products to continue growing in this field. What does Sundar Pichai have in mind?

One of the strong candidates is the new "Allo" messaging application, which will clearly serve to indicate a number of services through chatbots.

Finally, Google Assistant – upgrade from Google Now or Google App – will soon transform your life. Of course there are caveats here, since something we see in the Google Assistant video teaser presented yesterday; It is another thing to have the service in hand and test it. However, I am really excited about this technology and see the smartphone increasingly at the center of our experience with the technology.

PS: do not miss the Brazilian wanting to appear in the arms of Christ the Redeemer – I swear I enjoyed!

And what do you think about this evolution of Google Now and the increasing interaction with artificial intelligence? I am really curious to hear your opinion.

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