Why the hell does the Superior Court need 12 (!) 5K Retina display iMacs set to the stalk?

Pea bad stuff, my friends, but there's worse to swallow.

As reported by POOL Just yesterday, the Superior Court of Justice has just decided to spend R $ 339,000 (three hundred thirty-nine thousand reais) to acquire 12 “Apple Computers”.

And you know what computers these are?

iMac configured to stalk

The description of the bid makes it clear that these are iMacs with 5K Retina display configured to stemThis is the current top-of-the-line custom model with Intel Core i7 processor quad core 4GHz, 32GB RAM, 4GB AMD Radeon R9 M395X graphics card and even the AppleCare Protection Plan.

iMac configured to stalk

They just don't specify storage, citing a minimum of 256GB flash memory, but the final bill only hits if we set the iMac to a maximum of 1TB. We arrived at an individual value of R $ 30,198, close to the average of R $ 28,250 of the total purchase (basic discount).

Still according to POOL, the choice of this model was due to it offering the best performance in high resolution image editing. A, I ask you: since when did STJ become a professional multimedia producer? Are you producing for Oscar-winning documentaries about the countless maracuties taking place in our country?


(tip and information Rodrigo Ghedin)