Why switch from Android to iPhone? The advantages of the Apple smartphone

Quality of photos and videos, longevity, privacy and intuitive design are among the main highlights of the iPhone

Is it worth changing the Android for iPhone? If you’re thinking of switching smartphones and don’t know whether to continue with the Google operating system or migrate to the Apple device, Showmetech helps you to ponder.

Check below the main advantages of iPhone – and some points to be aware of regarding the Apple smartphone:

Why switch from Android to iPhone

The Apple smartphone offers a number of advantages, ranging from the device's longevity to the intuitive design of the iOS operating system.

See below for more details on each of the advantages that the iPhone offers:

Advanced camera system, flawless images

12 photo editing apps on iPhone that will turn your photos into art! iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro bring triple camera system

One of the main differentials of the iPhone only the cameras.

Regardless of whether the model has one (iPhone SE and XR), two (iPhone 11) or three (iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max), the quality of the photos and videos captured by the lenses are impeccable.

Even the Showmetech published a full review comparing the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models.

Portrait Mode is one of the attractions of the camera system iPhone.

It allows you to lock the focus on the foreground of the photo, leaving the background out of focus.

In addition to highlighting who (or who) is in the foreground, this depth effect gives a certain charm to the photos, which seem to be taken by professional lenses.

IPhone Portrait ModePortrait mode one of the main attractions of iPhone cameras

If you have a little more knowledge in photography, Portrait Mode allows you to adjust the light intensity and even add a monochromatic effect.

J iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come with Night Mode, to help you capture clear, sharp photos in low light.

And according to Apple, the devices record videos with the highest quality among smartphones on the market.

Equipped with processor developed by Apple

Apple A13 processorA13 processor was developed by Apple

In the universe of smartphones, devices often come equipped with processors developed by third parties (such as Qualcomm's Snapdragon).

But this is not the case with iPhone.

The current models of the smartphone come with a processor from the A13 series, developed by Apple itself, which guarantees high performance to the device.

Another advantage that the chip architecture has been developed especially to "fit" with the company's operating system, iOS.

That means that everything on the iPhone works seamlessly, according to Apple.

In addition, iOS security updates and features are regularly made available to the iPhone.

This, according to Apple, allows “your iPhone to remain powerful for many years”.

iOS is an easy to use operating system

All iPhone brings iOS as an operating system, whose main feature is simplicity (in a good way).

Apple's operating system, with the company itself poses, is easy to understand and intuitive to handle.

The current version of iOS 13 brought a new look to the system, in addition to important updates for everyday apps and privacy protection.

Among the features in the look of iOS 13, for example, is Dark Mode, which makes screen brightness more pleasant and smoother for the eyes.

It is integrated into the entire smartphone system and can be activated in the Control Center or programmed to turn on automatically at night.

IOS 13 Dark ModeIOS 13 Dark Mode

Whenever Apple launches a new version of iOS, there are a number of changes to the look and application updates.

For the user, the intention of the company to cause a sensation of having a iPhone new with each update.

For the device, good because it keeps it running at its best, according to Apple.

Soon, Apple will launch the final version of iOS 14, which features integrated home screen widgets, an application library and a new interface.

The beta version has already been launched and is still undergoing testing and adjustments, but it is already clear to have a clear understanding of the new features, tools and, especially, the new look.

The update for iOS 14 will be released for models from the iPhone 6S.

Has greater longevity and free apps

As Apple itself summarized: the iPhone built to last and maintain its value for longer.

This is possible because the devices are built with noble materials that last a long time.

Apple explains that these materials make the iPhone retain more residual value for longer than competing smartphones.

This feature of the smartphone is advantageous while you use the device (after all, it lasts longer) and also if you want to resell it. “Good, even, for the planet in the long term”, pointed out the company.

latest model of Apple's iPhone one of the most coveted technologies Apple uses noble materials for iPhone structure

Speaking of the environment, part of the materials that make up the iPhone are recycled.

Some models even have 40 components made from recycled plastic, according to information from Apple.

And when a device reaches the end of its useful life and is discarded for the company, Apple explains that it is dismantled by a specialized robot that can recover materials that other recyclers cannot.

Regarding the App Store, the company's app store, you have access to more than a million free apps.

And when browsing the store or conducting research, you also have access to curatorship by editors, with suggestions for apps in articles on various subjects.

The tips are to help you make the most of what the applications offer.

iMessage and FaceTime: good options for maintaining virtual contact

IMessage, Apple's standard messaging application, and FaceTime, the company's application for video calling, work exclusively between Apple devices.

This exclusivity is good, especially for video calls, because it guarantees greater stability for applications.

In times of social distance, when our contact with loved ones and important people occurs exclusively in a virtual way, these applications are a good option for that.

iMessages on iPhoneiMessages brings fun features to iPhone messaging

A fun feature that is integrated into both applications are Memojis, the "faces" that you can customize however you want, send them into messages and transform them into masks during video calls.

Regarding privacy, messages in iMessage are encrypted from end to end.

In practice, it means that only the recipient can read the messages you have sent.

Apple said it can't read anything while you exchange messages with someone through the app.

Brings privacy in 1 place

The entire architecture of iPhone and its operating system, iOS, were designed to put you in control of your personal information, according to Apple. it's a bit of a laborious setup, but it's worth the effort.

You can unlock the device with your face, using FaceID, or with your fingerprint, using TouchID.

It is also possible to navigate with the Maps application without revealing where you are and making payments without displaying your credit card numbers.

The Apple smartphone also gives you control over which applications can access your photos, contacts and location.

Privacy at AppleApple says it always prioritizes user privacy

Another example of privacy concerns is Safari, a browser created by Apple that is already installed on iPhone.

The application has an Intelligent Tracking Prevention that removes trackers from advertisers.

THE iPhone it also features the “Sign in with Apple” feature, which is a way to access apps and websites and have more control over the information you share.

Applications can only ask for your name and email and Apple does not track your activities or create a profile for you.

Apple Music and Apple TV +: free streaming (for a while)

When purchasing a iPhone, you can try two streaming apps from the company for free: Apple Music (for three months) and Apple TV + (for one year).

Apple Music on iPhoneApple Music Offers 3 Months Free Trial

Apple Music brings a collection of 60 million songs, which play without commercials and can be downloaded for you to listen to without having to be connected to the internet.

The application also shows the lyrics of the songs and works seamlessly with Apple Watch and AirPods (wireless headphones from the company), so that you can listen to music straight from the watch without having to have your iPhone close by.

Apple TV + already brings new original products from the company every month, which are shown exclusively in the app.

You can access it through streaming players and Smart TVs.

The application is already installed on the iPhone and you can redeem the free one-year offer in up to 90 days after purchasing the smartphone.

Move to iOS: an application for transition from Android to iPhone

Move to iOS app to switch from Android to iPhone Application helps switch from Android to iPhone

Apple has developed an application that aims to facilitate the transition from Android to iPhone.

Through “Move to iOS”, your photos, contacts, messages, videos, e-mail accounts, calendars and other important things are transferred to your Apple smartphone.

The application is available on the Play Store and facilitates the process of transferring everything securely.

Points to watch out for on the iPhone

If you are very attached to Android or have been using the operating system for a long time, there are some points in relation to the iPhone that can cause some strangeness.

To help you ponder this, too, the Showmetech listed below the main points for you to stay tuned on the Apple smartphone.

Home screen somewhat plastered but for a short time

One of the main complaints of Android users who migrate to the iPhone (or try the smartphone for a while) in relation to the home screen, whose model and structure is somewhat plastered compared to Android.

that in iPhone the icons for all the apps you install go to your home screen.

You can only organize them on screens and folders, which is bad for anyone who is used to the flexibility of organization and customization that Android offers.

Another scolding from Android users regarding widgets, which is not iPhone are squeezed into a screen part of the initial, while on Android they work in an integrated way the home screen.

Why switch from Android to iPhone? The advantages of the Apple smartphone iOS 14 will bring library of apps and widgets on the home screen

Only these two things are about to change in the iOS 14.

That's because the new operating system for iPhones will bring a library of applications and widgets can be added to the home screen.

It took a while, but Apple listened to users' complaints and implemented these improvements on iOS, following a logic almost identical to Android.

Prioritizes factory applications but news is coming

At the iPhoneIt is difficult to escape the applications that are already installed at the factory.

As much as you install, for example, third-party browsers and emails (such as Google Chrome and Gmail), the operating system always prioritizes Apple applications.

For example, when you click on a link, the iPhone will open it (or suggest opening it) in Safari, instead of the other browser you have installed.

If someone sends you an address, your smartphone will open it in Maps instead of Google Maps.

And so on.

Only that is about to change.

On iOS 14, it will be possible to place applications developed by third parties as standard on the smartphone.

The change will give the user more freedom to configure their preferences on the device.

Doesn’t have ‘Always on Display’

As much as the iPhone has an OLED screen, the device does not take advantage of one of the main advantages of this technology: the “Always on Display” (or “Semper Mostra”, in free translation). that black screen on Samsung and Motorola smartphones, for example, that shows time, date and a preview of notifications.

iPhone 11 Despite the OLED screen, iPhone does not have ‘Always on Display’

This feature is useful on an OLED screen because it saves a lot of battery power, since the black pixels do not consume energy.

In case of iPhone, the device even has the sensitivity to identify your gesture of taking the device out of your pocket or a table and turning on the screen, which lights up the entire screen, which consumes more battery.

Now that you know everything you need to switch from Android to iPhone, choose the model of your new Apple smartphone:

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