Why iPhones, Apple Watches, Macs, and even Apple TVs are getting time zone updates

Many of you must have received an alert whether on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or even Apple TV related to time zone.

The message says that updated time zone information is available and that the device needs to be restarted to apply the new settings.

Well, don't worry.

Make the update a good one!

Apple Watch Time Zone Update Alert

Apparently the update has to do with the 2018c Timezone Database Update (Update to the 2018c Fuso Database).

In it, there are some changes and one related to Brazil.

Starting in 2018, the summer schedule will start on the first Sunday in November instead of on the third Sunday in October.

There are other small changes to the update, but this is certainly the one that interests us most if you are curious and want to know all the changes, this article by Dave DeLong explains everything.

Properly explained? Then you can authorize the update without fear. 😉

via Lior Azi