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Why does Android user need "fake iPhone"?

Yesterday I posted an article about Facebook's internal campaign, called Droidfooding, which basically offers employees the ability to trade their iPhones for Android devices, so they could eat from their own food, that is, have an experience with the network app. social media using an Android. What caught my attention was the company's neglect of Google's operating system users. However, this morning, I came across the application Fake IPhone and its 48 comment pages on Google Play Store, after that I thought about that corny commonplace, but that somehow fits right in here: people reap what they sow!

Before I go on, I want to say that I believe and respect freedom of choice, but I also believe that when making a decision, one has to deal with the consequences of it. That is, there is no use in saying that a marginalized Android user is no good complaining about the exclusivity of apps for one operating system over the other or the delayed updating of the Android operating system if you feed the culture that better iPhone, unbeatable Apple and I have an Android because cheap.

That said, the fake iPhone is an example of an app that, in addition to showing the versatility of the Android operating system, serves to heighten the prejudiced thinking that Android is a smaller system, so you should fool your friends by showing that you have an iPhone:

'Fake IPhone' is a fun app that looks like a real iPhone with iOS! Fool your friends by telling them that you have the latest iPhone … Plus, you can prove it: just show this app: D

Don't worry about the version of IOS you're talking about, most people can't see the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (this app shouldn't be used as an iPad).

(Detail for "most people can't see the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5")

Of course I can't generalize this kind of thinking upon a couple of comments on the Google Play store, but it's clear how small people think and unaware of the possibilities of Google's OS. To illustrate this article, I made a selection of comments on the fake Iphone app page on the Google store:

#Physical user:

Experienced User:

Unsafe User:

Joinha User:

Realistic User:

Answering the question title of this text – Why does Android user need fake iPhone? – the answer : Android user doesn't need fake iPhone, because Android user has:

  • Data transfer via NFC
  • Alternate Keyboards
  • More hardware options
  • Freedom of multimedia content
  • Full integration with Google services
  • Multitasking Applications
  • Full Cell Phone Customization
  • Expandable storage
  • No system restrictions
  • Google Now
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Competition between manufacturers
  • Choice of email applications
  • Various ROM Options

Some Android device owners should think better before fooling friends with the fake iPhone, as they risk fooling themselves.

Images: Google Play Store

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