Why did WhatsApp stop working?

Once again WhatsApp stops sending messages just when you need it most. Almost like Murphy's law, the moments when WhatsApp falls are usually crucial. And the question remains: why did WhatsApp stop working?

There is only one answer to that question. In fact, there are a number of reasons why the world's most popular messaging app has crashed, forcing you to download Telegram again.

That is, this is a question with several answers, all depending on the context for the fall. Wondering why WhatsApp has stopped working again? So know the possibilities for this in the next paragraph!

General fall in Facebook services

When WhatsApp crashes, try accessing Facebook or Instagram. Having trouble accessing them too? So it is almost certain that all Facebook group services are experiencing instability.

If that's what is happening, there is not much to do. The only solution is to download one of the alternatives to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and communicate with them until the service returns.

Drop only on WhatsApp

The drop in app service does not always mean that all platforms operated by Facebook are also having problems. It may be that the instability hit only the messenger.

When the problem hits all apps, just try to access each to see what happens. However, when only WhatsApp seems to be struggling, there is a way to know if the problem is in the app itself.

Therefore, click on the link to access the Downdetector website. The site is intuitive and easy to use. In fact, it already tells you if WhatsApp is down by the time you log in.

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<p>If it shows that WhatsApp is really offline, there is not much you can do but use other apps like Facebook Messenger.</p>
<h2 id=Connection problem

Sometimes we think a service is down just because it was working moments ago. But the answer to the question why WhatsApp has stopped working may be your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data network.

Even if it was running minutes ago, a sudden drop in internet coverage will paralyze all services. If so, try switching the connection type from mobile to Wi-Fi or vice versa. If both connections are in trouble, the best way to resolve is to call and charge a carrier placement.

Outdated app

Do you usually leave automatic updates turned off, but forget to update manually? So your WhatsApp may have stopped working because it needed an update.

To resolve this, simply open the Android or iPhone app store and access the area where the apps installed on your device are listed.

my apps and games

Then find WhatsApp. If he has a buttonUpdateNext to the name, update the app and try again. If instead it is writtenOpen No mentioned button means the app is up to date and the problem is another.

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<h2 id=In-app bug

Nothing prevents your app from having any bugs that prevent you from using WhatsApp properly. You have two options. The first reboot the entire phone. The second is to stop running the app and then open it again.

For the second option, open your phone's Settings app. Then go to the menuApps.

apps screen in android settings

Then find WhatsApp in your application list;

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Tap the buttonStop. That way WhatsApp will stop running.

force stop app button

Open WhatsApp normally and see if it is working. Otherwise, repeat the above process, but instead of forcing the stop, clickUninstalland reinstall the app again.

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<h2 id=Why did WhatsApp stop working? Did you find the answer?

These are the main ways WhatsApp can stop working. Regardless of why, the four processes shown above can solve most issues.

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