Why can't Google Assistant install on tablets?

Google Assistant is now available for a larger number of smartphones. However, the main problem remains that the virtual assistant cannot yet be used in Portuguese. Incidentally, the limitations regarding Google Assistant have not stopped growing and since last week we know that the service will also not be available for tablets. Why?

In theory, tablets support the wizard

There are several types of tablets, some designed to optimize work tasks and others for total entertainment. These devices are usually more popular with screens of 10 inches or larger.

Google Assistant performs a variety of functions, from managing the user's calendar to tracking services like Netflix or Google Photos. To work well, Google's virtual assistant needs to know as much as possible about you, your habits, preferences, and others.

To work, the virtual assistant needs to know as much as possible about you

Depending on your use of a tablet, such a device may provide a great deal of information about your habits. Thus, it seems to be perfectly suited for home use, especially if it is connected to some other type of system, such as audio. In addition, you can keep your accounts in sync and have access to work information, for example.

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Google Assistant is designed to help users / AndroidPIT

In practice, not enough support

Google Assistant needs to know everything about you to help you. On your smartphone, you will certainly need to access your phonebook (not all your phone contacts are on your tablet), as well as know about your walking history by accessing GPS. This is much less common on a tablet, as it need not only be 4G, but it should also be with you all the time.

Being a business, Google wants you to use as much of its products as possible. So the smartphone is a (much) more popular gadget than a tablet, so it's much better suited to the search giant's strategy. Of course, Google could bet both ways by offering its service for both tablets and smartphones, but that won't happen.

Tablets will be set aside for this everyday task.

At the end of last week, the team from Android Police has received confirmation from a source within Google that the virtual assistant will not be available for tablets. Therefore, I believe that, based on the machine learning, at this moment, all users' context area comes from the smartphone as well as from Google Home. If we will have future changes, well, only time will tell, but this is the time for Google Home, so I think that tablets will be put aside in this daily chore.

Remember that the team that develops Google Assistant has not officially commented on the topic.

Finally, Google wants to offer its services to as many people as possible and make them as efficient as possible. So tablets have no time here.

Do you already use Google Assistant on your smartphone? If it were available in Brazil, would you buy Google Home?

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