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Why can a black wallpaper save your battery?

On Android there are a lot of tips for extending the battery life of your smartphone, and the Play Store has a lot of tools to increase autonomy, but today in the Android Starter section we're going to focus on something very concrete and useful. Did you know that the background of the screen can also influence battery performance? Yes, a black or dark wallpaper makes the battery last longer. Find out why!

Learn why the black wallpaper saves battery power. / ANDROIDPIT

Most Android devices feature AMOLED or LCD technologies on their screens. Understanding the differences between these types of screens is essential to knowing how the interaction between battery and display takes place.

Battery Life: AMOLED vs. LCD

In general terms, if your smartphone uses the AMOLED technologyIt is recommended to use a black background and dark themes for longer battery life. According to a study by XDA Developers, the energy savings on an AMOLED screen with 20% brightness at 6% every hour. If we set the brightness to maximum, the economy goes up to 8% per hour. These results are based on a screen always on.

This is because, with AMOLED display technology, LEDs do not emit light but go out with a black background and therefore do not work.

In the case of LCD displays, we will not have this advantage, since in them the LEDs emit light whether the background is dark or bright. Thus, to save battery we will have to use the traditional saving tips.

Where to get a black background?

androidpit galaxy note 4 vs galaxy note 3 13
With AMOLED screens, it's always nice to have a black or dark background. / ANDROIDPIT

It is also advisable to change the theme of your apps and set the Dark Theme, whenever this option is offered.

What other tips do you know to save battery?

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