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Why are screens making your smartphone disposable?

In the last 10 years, the way we interact with technology has changed a lot, and today almost any device has a touchscreen, especially smartphones and tablets. The problem is that this same component is becoming responsible for leaving your device disposable. Understand.

sModern martphones and tablets have screens that occupy almost the entire front of the devices, and increasingly technology incorporated in this component, such as Samsung's AMOLED panels, those with pressure sensors like those of Apple and Huawei, curved screens like used by LG and also by Samsung.

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AMOLED screens of some Samsung devices are among the best and most expensive on the market / AndroidPIT
<p>The problem that, because they are portable, tablets and smartphones are more subject to falls, which mainly damage the screens of these devices, a defect that is not covered by the manufacturers warranties, as it is considered misuse by the consumer. Faced with such a situation what is left to the user to pay for the repair of the apparatus; However, the more technology your device screen has, the more expensive the repair, which may not be worth it.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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OLX page with several ads of devices with damaged screens / AndroidPIT
<p>In a brief search on online sales sites such as OLX and the Free Market you find dozens of handsets being sold for parts removal, as their screens presented some problem whose repair cost is incompatible with the price of the handset.</p>
<p>To get you started, a screen for the standard version of the Galaxy S5 costs on average more than $ 650.00 on the Free Market, not to mention the cost of replacing this component. A new handset costs about $ 1,200, but a model used in good condition can be found at about the same value as the screen. </p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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s5 screen
Replacement Screen Value for Galaxy S5 Free Market

A screen for the Galaxy J1 2016, Samsung's handset, but using AMOLED technology, costs on average nearly $ 400, while the new handset can be found at around $ 500. Switch to the Galaxy S6 Edge and have to pay around $ 1,000 to repair a broken screen, while the device can be found around $ 1,800 on repackaged product sites, which you find out what they are in this area.

s6 j1 screen
Screen prices for Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy J1 2016 / AndroidPIT

On Ebay it is possible to find these components for a slightly lower price, but still expensive and with the risk of being charged when arriving in Brazil. Screens for the Galaxy S5 and S6 Edge cost approximately $ 100 to $ 150, which makes the repair cost expensive even by international standards.

s5 ebay tile
Galaxy S5 and S6 Edge screen prices on Ebay / AndroidPIT

Even Apple does not escape this rule, a panel for the iPhone 5S can be found on the market for about $ 160.00 – a reasonable value, but the same component for versions 6 and 6S of the device cost between $ 500.00 and R $ 1,000.00, since the second model still has the 3D Touch.

All of this shows that in a few cases repairing a broken screen can be worthwhile, as this component is making your device virtually disposable, forcing the user to purchase a new device and moving the consumer chain. One way out would be to take out fall insurance, but that adds a cost not usually included in planning a smartphone purchase.

Perhaps that is why we have seen more technologies incorporated into the screens, but not aimed at their effective protection. One of the few initiatives is Moto X Force and Moto Z Force, whose screens feature ShatterShield technology that makes them super tough, and should be on every device.

And you already had to replace your device with the fact that the screen repair is not feasible?

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