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Why Apple wins Google in mobile gaming

(Image: Asphalt HD)

The numbers are crazy; mobile gaming market is growing incredibly. In the US over the past year, the number of players has increased from 75 million to 101 million people across platforms. But most importantly, paying users also increased, growing by over 35% to 37 million players.

But here comes the bad news; Everyone who downloaded these games is paying 5 times more money on the iOS platform than for Android. 5 times more. Think about the growth rate of the Android platform, and then that absurd number. 84% of mobile gaming revenue goes to Apple.

Why? It's simple: Unlike the Android platform – where every purchase takes you back to the Play Store to confirm payment information – in the Apple system, users just have to enter a password to complete each transaction. Quite simply, simply enter a password and purchase it. No wonder so many people make so many purchases through their iPhone: psychologically you don't feel like you are paying money, it reminds you that you are just entering your email password. Apple has created a purchasing system that makes the user feel stress free and, above all, totally abstract. Looks like you're buying things with Monopoly money.

Whenever we buy anything for Android, we are immediately warned that we are making a purchase and about to pay money. Not only does the system check our payment information, it redirects us to the Play Store, where we have to click to confirm the purchase and wait for it to be processed. On iPhone and iPad, this instant process.

According to Newzoo, purchases made from an app are only where developers see the most money. 91% of all mobile gaming revenue is derived from in-game purchases for both Android and iOS.

Obviously, this is a big deal for developers. And if you see that one platform is more profitable than another in terms of app revenue, of course you will choose the most cost-effective platform, in this case iOS. And as a result of Google losing talented developers, reviewers say the lower Android "ecosystem" and the cycle continues out. If Google makes the app buying process intuitive and only requires a password, game developers may focus equally on both platforms. At last, Android developers will continue to suffer huge losses.

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