Apple TV + will also be released on Samsung Smart TVs

Why Apple TV + May Not Reach Android

As many of you may have followed, last week Apple announced its service of streaming of videos, the Apple TV +. In addition to it, she also showed the new Apple TV app that integrate the contents of the iTunes Store. New features will also be available for Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and Samsung Smart TV owners. set top boxes from Roku and Amazon.

However, if we pay attention to one detail, we can problematize an even simple question: why the Android missed out on Apple TV +? More than just having its own hardware, Apple's service efforts are aimed at expanding its market share to even more markets, and Google's mobile operating system is definitely more expressive than Ma's in many regions.

Even Apple Music has an Android app, which has surpassed 40 million installs recently.

According to Mark Gurman (from Bloomberg), the answer has to do with the niche of that market. Unlike the services of streaming which are mostly used in mobile devices, on-demand video platforms are installed primarily on Smart TVs and set top boxes, excluding Android's participation in this scenario.

To exemplify the “independence” of the streaming of mobile operating systems video, just look at one of the largest companies in this business: Netflix. According to data from the giant of streaming, 70% of its subscribers accessed the service on a TV last year. On the other hand, 15% of users used PCs, 10% smartphones and only 5% used tablets.

If Netflix (which has a booming business outside of the U.S.) managed a maximum of 15% stake in mobile devices overall, Apple may have wagered that it would be worth excluding Google's mobile system from this distribution method and maintain another iOS-restricted feature to attract more consumers, who knows.

Based on Apple's strategy so far, the clear message is that Apple will launch its services on devices that are not its own when it benefits the company and does not hinder the sale of its own hardware.

Of course, Apple's service and Apple makes it available wherever you want. However, this is just a hypothesis why the Apple TV + will not be released to Android initially but also does not mean that the news never reach Google's platform. Who bets?