Golden Apple Watch Series 4

Who needs to repair an Apple Watch Series 3 now can win a Series 4

If there is one thing from Apple that is highly praised – taking into account, of course, some inconsistencies and complaints here and there – it is its after-sales / customer support. And, here, we have more proof of that.

Apparently, according to the 9to5Mac – based on a document sent to official Apple Authorized Service Centers and stores – Apple is experiencing inventory issues with the Apple Watch Series 3 replacement / repair units. What to do, then? Replace the 2017 models with the 2018 models, when necessary. That’s right: some Series 3 users who are experiencing problems with their watches will receive the Series 4.

Still according to the website, the scarcity of Series 3 models happens both in stores and in services in a global way – Apple, however, did not inform in detail which countries or which models are facing stock problems.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that we have followed such a scenario. At the beginning of the year, the very same problem hit original Apple Watches (aka “Series 0”) and 42mm Series 1 – in this case, Apple offered a Series 2 to customers who were experiencing problems with their devices.

This is just a general alert sent to stores and service, that is, it is not a global and guaranteed policy that each and every case will be treated in this way and neither is it certain that the repair site really has no Series 3 in stock.

Golden Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

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Cash price: from R $ 3,599.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 333.25Sizes: 40mm or 44mmMaterials: aluminum or stainless steelFeatures: GPS or GPS + CellularColors: diverseLaunch: September 2018

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