Who needs to repair an Apple Watch Series 3 can now win a Series 4

If there's one thing from Apple that is highly praised given, of course, some inconsistencies and complaints here and there, its after-sales / customer support. And here we have one more proof of that.

Apparently, as reported by the 9to5Mac Based on a document sent to Apple Official Stores and Authorized Service Centers, Ma is experiencing inventory issues with Apple Watch Series 3 replacement / repair units. What to do, then? Swap 2017 models with 2018 models when needed. That's right: some Series 3 users who are having trouble with their watches will get the Series 4.

Still according to the website, the shortage of Series 3 models happens in both stores and assistants globally, however, Apple did not report in detail which countries or which models are experiencing inventory problems.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time we have been following such a scenario. Earlier this year, the same problem hit original Apple Watches (aka Series 0) and 42mm Series 1 in which case Ma offered a Series 2 to customers who were experiencing problems with their devices.

This is just a general alert sent to stores and service, ie it is not a global policy and is guaranteed that any and all cases will be treated in this way and not sure that the repair site really has no Series 3 in stock.

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